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Terms and Conditions:

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the use of this web site as well as all transactions conducted through Roly Poly Pocket Pets.

Consumer Agreement 

While pictures typically represent the adult version of our pets, most items for sale are shipped as immature stages of the available species unless stated in the description of the pet. Photos of outstanding specimens are typically used, not representing the actual specimen available for sale.

By ordering through this website you agree to our Shipping & Delivery Terms below.

Please respect our choice to maintain product listings as visible on the shopping cart, even if they are out of stock. Out of stock items that are expected to be out of stock for longer than 14 days will be removed from site. We do not collect or sell endangered species.

Shipping & Delivery 

If you're considering buying a live animal and having it shipped in a box, please read the following.

If your temperatures are below 35 or above 80 degrees, please be home when your order arrives so they don’t sit outside in the heat or cold. I will forward you a tracking number so you know when to expect arrival.

Shipping may be delayed depending on whether temperatures in Columbus Ohio or final destination. We do not ship live pets if final destination or Columbus Ohio temperatures are expected to be below 30deg or above 90degrees

Priority mail is shipped Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to the East Coasts, and Monday and Tuesday's to the western half of the US. We are based in Columbus, Ohio.

You have two shipping options as you go through the shopping cart. Express Mail is shipped Monday-Thursday.

Express Mail

Required for live arrival guarantee if temperatures are between 30deg and 50deg or between 80deg and 90deg.

While Express Mail is an overnight service, some destinations do take 2 days.

Express Mail REQUIRES a signature, by default. If you want me to waive this signature requirement, I need you to send us a separate email stating this.

Priority Mail:

Live arrival is guaranteed as long as temperatures in Columbus Ohio or final destination are between 50degrees and 80degrees. Priority Mail does NOT require a signature upon delivery.

$20 minimum order is required for any free shipping promotions.


Sorry, we do not import or export. 

Thank you for ordering your pet from Roly Poly Pocket Pets. We appreciate your order.