Roly Poly Pocket Pets

Thank you for joining our interest in pet Roly Polies and Madagascars.

All of our pets are from my sons collection that he started when he was about 3-4 years old. He started carrying his exotic pet rolies around in a Pocket Habitat I made for him and soon after he wanted to create a habitat similar to his ant farm for his Roly Polies. It didn’t take long before his friends started wanting his Roly Polies and Habitats. With the experience of working In manufacturing and ideas from a 7 year old, a single mother and her son can create a fun, exciting, and new pet that kids of all ages can carry in their pocket to love during the day. And release them on their nightstand farm at night. 

I am proud that my sons first ideas have brought happiness to so many but I am so excited about his newest ideas that I hope to have available soon.

 “Smooth, Cute, and Round. Rolies are the Coolest pets in Town!”  

-Hanna Hicks