Roly Poly Pocket Pets
  • Wood chips for Vivariums

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    Pesticide free hard wood chips for vivariums. When your Roly Poly colony becomes overcrowded with Rolies, they will eat and destroy the chia faster than it will grow. Hard wood chips provides enough space to double the population of your colony. 

    The wood chips also makes it easier for younger entomologists to control the moisture the Rolies need to breathe. 

    Directions: Remove your Rolies to a safe plastic container with a damp paper towel. 
    Remove a clean inside of Vivarium. Fill Vivarium 2/3 full with wood chips and water until wood is moist. Add Rolies and feed with a raw piece of vegetable once a week(mine love raw baby carrots.) Rolies will also eat the wood. Wood chips can last several months but when most has been consumed, remove and replace with more wood chips. 
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