Roly Poly Pocket Pets

Orange Smoothie Roly Polies

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Orange Smoothie Rolies bred by Haydenzilla Farm add a splash of color to all farms, habitats, and vivariums. 

Carry them in your pocket habitat, take them to school, take them to work, they will be as snug as a bug... in your pocket. This species do not curl into a ball when scared, they play dead. 

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Females will typically give birth to 1-2 clutches of 20-30 babies from early spring to mid fall. 

Orange Smoothies can grow to over 1/2 long and live 3-5 years. They become sexually mature and start producing babies around 2-4 months old. Yours will be approximately 2-4 months old when shipped.  

Orange Smoothies prefer 60-80% humidity and temperatures between 70-80 degrees F but can tolerate temperatures as low as 40 degrees. They will eat just about anything organic including most vegetables, grains, and fish food. Do not overfeed or the uneaten food will attract fruit flys. 

Just like all isopods/rolies, Orange Smoothies get along well with other species of isopods/rolies. 

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While pictures typically represent the adult version of our pets, most items for sale are shipped as immature stages of the available species. Photos of outstanding adult specimens are typically used, not representing the actual specimen available for sale. Recommended for ages 8+