Roly Poly Pocket Pets
  • Roly Poly Farm Tower. Easier for children to care for and watch their Rolies.

    $26.99 $19.99

    A new, fun, and exciting habitat to watch everyone's favorite insect, Roly Polies. Roly Polies, Potato Bugs, Pill Bugs, or Sow Bugs, no matter what you call them, we all love to watch them. Our new Roly Poly Tower has clear walls around the outside designed so you can watch these critters from every angle working hard on the farm. Your Rolies can be ordered with your tower and can be set up quickly to start enjoying your Rolies as fast as possible. All of Pocket Pets habitats are the ideas of an 12 year old “entomologist” and are assembled by him and his friends(and family) in Columbus Ohio. If you have any problems with any of our products, just email us, a parent will make sure you are 100% satisfied.

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