Roly Poly Pocket Pets

Pocket pet Habitat (Large)

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Pocket pet Habitat (Large)

* Now you can carry your Roly Polies in your pocket without squishing them!

* Provides a safe and protective home for your pet Roly-Polies

* Comes with voucher for 5 mixed exotic species (HippoPolyus’, Zebras, Dalmatian, Orange Smoothie, Polkadot Bugkini)

Handy bug habitat that goes everywhere you go. Fits secretly in your pocket until you’re ready to show your friends your personal sidekick. Comes with voucher for 5 of our exotic Roly Poly Species(Shipping Extra.) Habitat can house up to 15 common roly polys or 4 Adult HippoPolys. Perfect for a childs first pet. Recommended for ages 6 and up. Check out our other Pocket Pet products by clicking on the Pocket Pets link.